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Tigra MountCase Bike Kit for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  • £2795

Designed to snugly fit the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Together with the included mounting bracket you can mount your smartphone on your handlebars to follow maps, check your progress on fitness apps or take photos or videos. If it starts to rain you can quickly fit the included RainGuard, although some customers leave their RainGuard fitted all the time as the phone is fully functional.


All your phone's ports and sockets are accessible whilst held in the MountCase and the touch screen if fully functional whilst the RainGuard is fitted.

When off your bike you can easily put your phone in your pocket whilst it is still held in the MountCase thanks to it's slim flat back design.

The case is compatible with all of the Tigra mount accessories for your car, arm, wall, golf trolley etc.

Package includes:

MountCase for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

RainGuard for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Mount Strap

Allen key