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Tigra MountCase 2 Bike Kit for iPhone 6 Plus

  • £2795

If you're a tough guy or gal and you'd like your phone to be too, why not try the stylish MountCase 2 for iPhone 6s/6 Plus?

A spring lock automatically locks your phone onto the bracket to prevent movement even on the most rugged road surface. An extra safety lock, once engaged, provides further protection.

Removing the phone from the mount is equally simple: just press the 2 side buttons while twisting the phone. In most cases these can all be done within seconds with one hand. Simply twist-lock the phone on the mounting bracket and you are ready to go.

Your phone can be mounted in either portrait or landscape positions.

Your phone screen will be protected if placed face down as the case edge it higher than the phone. 

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This is compatible with the full range of Tigra MountCase Accessories