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MountGear PIN Mount - Silver

  • £1995

Motorbike pin mount mounting solution allowing you to mount any device with a 17mm socket onto your motorbike top yoke.

The PIN mount is designed for metric motorcycles with M8 handlebar retaining bolts. Some risers will require longer bolts. Note: Check your bolt length and add 25mm to that length to verify the 50mm bolt included in this kit will work for your motorcycle. (Example: If the stock length bolt is 25mm + 25mm = 50mm then your OK). Pin Mount uses a single 8mm bolt to securely fasten to handlebar clamps by replacing one bolt with our replacement bolt and spacer. This provides a great central mounting location for your electronic device.

All of our Tigra BikeConsoles with 17mm sockets are compatible with this mount solution.

We also sell this fitting in a kit with a generic TechGripper.