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MountGear Universal Smartphone TechGripper with 4G adapter 4.2" max

  • £3495

Personal device holder to securely hold your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Huawei, Motorola and many other smartphones or devices on your motorcycle with or without any protective or bumper case.

The TechGripper is a quick and firm holding method to mount your smartphone. It is gripped firmly on each side, as per the photographs. The rubber type material on the inside of the clamp/grip is used to firmly hold your phone and prevent is moving when on a motorbike. The tension rods and springs are made from stainless steel. Holds any smart phone in any case from 2.1" up to 4.2" wide.

Made from high quality materials including stainless steel screws and springs.

Smooth wing nut with tightening arms and 17mm ball socket attached. Please see our kits if you require a post and 17mm ball mount.