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Tigra MountCase 2 for iPhone 7 / 8

  • £2296

The MountCase is a new ultra-thin and stylish mount designed for people who are always on the go. You don’t need heavy protection, but something convenient, easy to use yet secure enough. The MountCase!

This is a case only. It is the lightest, strongest yet most convenient and stylish smartphone mount we sell. It can fit on to our MountCase mounts including the bike mount, motorbike mount, car mount, arm mount and Flexi Mounts. 

If you already own a Tigra Mountcase solution and are changing your handset to the iPhone 7 then all of your existing mounts should work - you just need to order the new MountCase for your handset.

A polycarbonate MountCase snug-fits your phone and provides basic protection for daily use. All phone features are accessible while inside the case. Simply twist-lock the phone on the mounting bracket and you are ready to go.

A RainGuard case is included if it rains. This is designed for light showers but it's been used successfully in heavy downpours for a short period of time.

The case material is flexible and slightly "grainy" that makes it easier to hold. It also makes it easy to add and remove your phone.

Your phone can be mounted in either portrait or landscape positions.

Port accessible while inside the RainGuard.

The whole system weighs only 54 grams.

What's in the Box

  • MountCase for iPhone 7 or iPhone 8
  • RainGuard for iPhone 7 or iPhone 8