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Locatis dual USB charger for BMW motorcycles

Locatis dual USB charger for BMW motorcycles

  • £3495

All modern BMW motorcycles come from factory equipped with a lighter like power socket for accessories. These sockets are named DIN sockets. However, most riders either do not use them or, in need for a USB port to charge their smartphones or other devices, install adapters, generally not resistant to rain and dust and easily stolen.

Until now all USB chargers for motorcycles come equipped with a rubber cover, but they are not protected when in use on the move under rain or dust.

Poweroo UBPS is the solution for these limitations with the following unique features:

tn2 BMW logotn3 UBPS R1200GS 1Plug-and-Play for BMW: the charger is designed in a way to fit the existing DIN socket installation physically and electrically. It replaces the origin DIN socket by simply unplugging the connector from the bike's cable harness, unscrew the nut and install the dual USB charger using same place and connector, without the need for soldering or costly specialized technician intervention. The final and fast result is a nice and seamless installation, as the example in the picture to the right in a R1200GS LC.


tn2 icon waterproofWeatherproof USB ports: when a USB plug is inserted it becomes isolated from rain and dust, due to the special design. You will need Poweroo UBPS to use on the move, and not to be protected only when closed!


tn2 icon covers

Independent covers: The UBPS charger features two covers for the USB ports. If only one is in use the other is closed and protected. The covers are easily open and closed with gloves.