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MountGear BikeConsole for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with 17mm socket

  • £4495

When you want to use your smartphone as a sat nav/GPS you easily mount it on your motorbike with a waterproof and shock proof Tigra BikeConsole case, or Tigra MountCase with a 17mm socket on the back.

The 17mm socket makes it easy to fit the case onto the range of 17mm ball mounts that can be added to a motorbike - take a look at our range to allow you to mount your phone on your handlebars, stem, yoke or other location.

The Tigra BikeConsole has a waterproof housing and silicon lining to protect your phone.  For more details on the Tigra Bike Console available for your specific handset please see our BikeConsole pages.

The Tigra MountCase is a supportive mount for the newer waterproof phone models.