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MountGear "TechGripper" and Adjustable Control Mount

  • £5995

Personal device holder to securely hold your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Huawei, Motorola and many other smartphones or devices on your motorcycle’s brake or clutch controls with or without any protective or bumper case.

The TechGripper is a quick and firm holding method to mount your smartphone. It is gripped firmly on each side, as per the photographs. The rubber type material on the inside of the clamp/grip is used to firmly hold your phone and prevent is moving when on a motorbike. The tension rods and springs are made from stainless steel. Holds any smart phone in any case from 2.1" up to 4.2" wide.

The TechGripper can be mounted on either the brake or clutch lever. It is fully tilt and swivel adjustable. 

Note the small spacer included so that the mount can be fitted. Please ensure that the bolts are tightened to the manufacturers specification using a torque wrench. This is essential. If you are unsure please get this professionally fitted.

Two sets of bolts are included if your existing ones aren't long enough. One are imperial threads for Harley Davidsons and the other are metric threads for all other motorbikes.

Can grip devices from 2.1" to 4.2" wide.

Spacers and tools included.