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Tigra Charge-thru Mounting Bracket with AMPS adaptor

  • £1495

Attach a BikeConsole bike mount case to any RAM-compatible mounting system (available separately) for use on motorcycles or anything with bars, flat bases etc.

The charge-thru feature allows power from an external battery or dynamo to be fed inside the Tigra BikeConsole cases for the Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy range via two copper pins connecting to the copper plates on the back of the case. At the front of the bracket is a micro USB socket  that can transfer power to the two pins on the top of the bracket that can transfer power into the case. (Pictures below)

Suitable for BikeConsole bike mount for iPhone 5/5s/Se, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6/S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, SMART 4 (for screens up to 5.2") and SMART 5 (for screens up to 6").

Heavy-duty latch securely holds case.

Use this adaptor to connect to a RAM 1" ball to your smartphone case that will allow it to connect to a RAM arm. The other side of the arm needs to be connected to a 1" ball attached to your motorbike's handlebars.

The images below show the mount with a RAM 1" ball attached attached to a RAM arm.It also shows the copper pads on the back of the smartphone cases.

Please feel free to call (+44 2920 704385) us to check if you're selecting the correct components.

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