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Tigra Bike Console iPhone 7 Review

Posted by Jenny Williams on

Check out this lovely review on the forum by Mark Fletcher..

The iPhone 7 version of this case has just come out. I met Ewan who is the UK distributor at the NEC show, who is a top fella, and I have just ordered the new case. I'll write a full review when it arrives.

After trying various Satnav options, for me my iPhone is the best solution. And so a good case is really important. I have been using the Ultimate Addons iPhone 6 case which is great - not just because it is waterproof, but it also it protects the power lead and headphone jack inside the case - which was an issue with other cases where wind and vibration would effect them.


The iPhone 7 has a new type of home key, and so the old case wouldn't work with them, so it has been a few months writing for an update version, and in the last week both Ultimate Addons and Tigra have released their iPhone 7 cases.

I've gone for the Tigra version as it has a couple of additional things I really like.

It comes with a silicon 'day case' which fits inside the Bikeconsole so that your phone is projected when you take it out.

The 'Fitclic' lock is great. Nice balance of security and ease of access. It will mean that I don't have to leave the case on the bike as I do at the moment, and I can switch it to my push bike too.

And again, and perhaps most importantly the power cable is concealed inside the case.

It is £38 with free postage so not the cheapest, but I've been through a lot of cheap cases, and I'm happy to pay for the quality option in this case.

You can find it here. As I say proper review to follow when it arrives.

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