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Mount a Samsung Galaxy J5 on a Ducati Hyperstrada - Help!

Posted by Ewan MacGregor on

We took a call from a local dealer who's customer wanted to mount their smartphone on the handlebars so they could follow Google Maps. They also wanted to have the phone connected to the battery so that their phone is always connected via it's USB micro port.

The bike has handlebars that are held in place with two clamps which are held in place with M8 bolts. We suggested changing one of the standard bolts for a RAM M8 bolt with a 1" ball.

RAM M8 bolt with 1" ball

This  then acts a base onto which one of the RAM arms, either short medium or long, can be added. In turn the arm is connected to the Tigra case that has a RAM 1" ball mounted on the back.

The final solution will look like this:-

 The power can come from the motorbikes DIN socket or we have ` powered adaptor that connects to the battery.

There are a lot of different ways to mount and power your phone on your bike. If you need help give us a call on 02920 789385.


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