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Tigra Smartphone Mounts for Bikes, Motorbikes & Cars

MountGear has been providing Tigra phone mounts since 2011 and was formed by cyclists to provide the knowledge and best means of protecting your smartphone whilst leading an active lifestyle. Your smartphone is one of your most valuable possessions, so why risk damaging it? We provide a wide range of Tigra cases and mounts that offer durability and protection without adding extra weight or bulkiness, and are available for the latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy range.

The Tigra Mounting Case

Tigra’s FitClic Neo mount case is the world’s first magnetic twist lock mounting system, it’s quick and effortless to mount your smartphone to your bike, motorcycle, car, wall or armband. Using a combination of small magnets to keep your smartphone securely in place, it is 2.5 times more secure than similar mounting systems on the market. Learn more

Our goal is to change the way people interact with their smartphone in their active environment. MountGear aims to supply a wide collection of Tigra products that help enthusiasts to protect, power and play their smart devices, as well as use them to track performance in all tough outdoor conditions.

Why Tigra Mounts & Cases?

We decided to stock Tigra’s cycling and motorbike range after extensive testing; it was apparent that Tigra’s high quality manufacturing was the best on the market and still is! We stock a wide selection of Tigra smartphone mounts for iPhones, Samsung phones and a selection of universal mounts.

To learn more about our wide range of bike, motorbike, car and universal Tigra mounts or to ask us a question call us on 07595021958 or email: